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“Softcream” is so popular in Japan, it’s on the same level as
traditional Japanese delicacies. It’s neither ice cream nor gelato. Smooth and soft texture that melts on your tongue. Refreshing cool taste served one by one from a special “Softcream” maker. It’s been more than 60 years since “Softcream” was first introduced to Japan. The Japanese have spared no effort in making it even more delicious through their ingenuity and it has now become a national dessert loved by all.

Freshly-made “Softcream” which you can’t get at home. The basic vanilla and milk flavors bring smiles to children and adults alike. There are a wide variety of “Softcreams” with ingredients that are local specialties or in season. It’s always a part of memories of travel in Japan. Bringing smiles to children and adults alike, “Softcream” has long been a dessert Japanese people enjoy on special occasions.


Rich taste and deep flavor.
-Making “Softcream” a high class sweet.-

“CREMIA” is a premium “Softcream”, the Japanese way of saying soft serve ice cream,” with a never before encountered taste. With smooth, rich “cream” created by the fresh cream and a “premium” feel that lavishly uses select ingredients, this “Softcream” is passionate about how it is made.
The rich taste of the cream spreading throughout your mouth and the smooth texture will melt your heart. Moreover, the light texture and pleasing butter fragrance of the radically new langue de chat type cone truly give this “Softcream” a flavor that can be called a “high class sweet.”

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